Thursday, September 11, 2014

Kindergarten and other Shenanigans

"I hate Homework!!!!" That is an everyday phrase we hear around this house now and if truth be told nobody hates homework as much as this mama!!!! Of coarse I can't tell him that:) But seriously it is the longest most painful hour plus of my day! I will say this though the last two days have been better, lets hope it continues from here on out (Fingers, toes and all else crossed). Lets back up, I realize it has been many moons since i have posted anything and I am endeavoring to be better at posting because lets face it I don't write it down anywhere else. We had a very short lived summer it seemed... Mikie worked a ton, the kids and I hung out at the pool! Mikie and I ran away to Hawaii for an entire week and it was AMAZING.  We have never left the kids for more than overnight since Trystan was born. It was soooooo time. The week flew by and Grandma and Grandpa held the fort down at home. I bet the week was much longer for them;) We came home and started getting ready for school. 
Trystan started Kindergarten the end of August!!! First of all I have no idea when my baby got that big!! We knew it was going to be a major adjustment as he is not a fan of being away from his mommy.   And adjustment it has been for sure. Of course this is the third week of school and the first full week of school he has had, but the last three days we have done drop off without tears HOORAY!!!! He does like his class, and he has made some good buddies already which is making actually going easier. He likes his teacher too. She is very cute and tiny... she is two inches shorter than I am!!! That's a rarity and  I love standing next to her! lol. Trystan's best buddy in his class is named Trystin, his mom's name is Bree and his little sister that is just younger than Taylee is named Taylor. Kind of Twilght zone weird, but kinda cool. Taylee asks every five minutes if it is time to go get bubby yet. As much I was dreading all day Kindergarten I am kind of liking it! I love the one on one time with Taylee though she told me she did not like her mommy time:( 
Trystan also started Gymnastics the week school started and he LOVES it! He has better balance than most of the girls in his class. Unfortunately he is the only boy in his class this term. I don't think he minds to much;) Outside of school work and gymnastics he spends probably way to much time playing mind craft but he builds some amazing things on there. I love this sensitive, sweet boy!  and I am so proud of him!

We went to California over Labor Day and took the kids to Legoland and the Beach. Poor Taylee was 1/2 an inch to short to ride anything:( It was a long couple of days for her. But she absolutely LOVED the beach. With the hurricane that was brewing the waves were rough but Trystan loved every minute of it! He loves the boogie board. Taylee tried once with her dad and decided playing in the sand was more her thing. So we chased segals and built sand castles;) I loved watching them both run and play on the beach totally care free. Taylee had some awesome poses:)

 Taylee is getting big fast!! She speaks like a little adult, is a little peanut like her mama, makes the best facial expressions and is moody as all get out!!! She is bossy, stubborn, independent and amazingly sweet. She loves life and doesn't take crap from anybody! I LOVE it:) She loves to help me around the house, loves her baby dolls and animals.  We started swimming lessons the first of September and for now we are in the mommy and me swim class and she is older than all of the other kids by about a year. She loves swimming with the babies though.  She loves to play doctor, color and draw, she also finds great joy in antagonizing her brother to tears.....

Not much new with the hubs and I. Mikie has been working lots of really long hours and weekends and I spend my days chasing the munchkins. Mikie is getting excited to go hunting in November. He drew an elk tag and his dad drew a sheep tag. Needless to say I am certain they are both counting down the days. As for me I am still at the hospital 1 day a week and for now that is PLENTY! I am so excited for fall and cool weather, boots, cozy clothes and pumpkin everything:) 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

When life gives u lemons...

I saw this quote today and it made me smile and laugh out loud so I thought I'd share
"when life gives you lemons, freeze them and throw them as hard as you can at the people who are making your life difficult"
That is all for now!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Taylee is 4 months

This happy girl can turn anybody's bad day around! She is sooooo happy almost ALL of the time... I love it! She started rolling over yesterday but will only roll from her back to her tummy then she is instantly mad she still hates tummy time;) she talks all the time, has the cutest laugh and laughs out loud at her brother frequently! She takes swimming lessons on Sunday mornings and takes them very seriously... She's all business! Seriously not one smile in the pool ever just concentration lol! She adores her brother and loves to play with him. She is not a fan of rice cereal but likes the highchair and her saucer. She does not nap during the day but sleeps 11-12 hours at night. She weighs 12lbs 13 ounces and is 22 3/4 inches long! She loves her daddy too and smiles from ear to ear when he gets home from work! We all adore this little princess and don't remember what life was like without her!


This sweet boy is making me crazy!!! But I love him so very very much! He is high strung... To extremes! He is worrier of all things big and small. He is a pessimist 9 times out of 10. He loves to be outside but the end of the world is here if he falls down;) he LOVES his action heros and can play with them for hours! He makes castles out of everything, he loves fried rice and disney junior. His two favorite phrases to tell me is I don't love you and I am never talking to you again! He is terrified of scorpians (my fault 100%) and not something I am proud, but in general is very interested in bugs! He still refuses to poop on the potty, hates his swimming lessons, and is extremely stubborn. He loves baths, his sister and helping me around the house. He is my best toilet scrubber;) he also likes to bake he is getting pretty good at cracking eggs. He makes up sweet songs and sings to his sister. He is to big for his mommy's kisses and refuse to let me give them to him:( He loves candy and chocolate and has already decided that he is going to hate school and doesn't ever want to go. In fact he told me the other day that he didn't need to go to school because he is NEVER leaving home... Ummmmm how old is this kid anyway?????

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

We are Alive!

WARNING: This is a post covering the last 4 months! Picture OVERLOAD!!
 This picture was meant for the last post, but I just downloaded them from m phone tonight! I haven't been on the computer much these past few months. But this was the belly shot taken the morning Miss Taylee made her debut! Yes I was miserable!!!
This one is of me,  I am pretty sure I got a little mini me!
 Miss Taylee Bright eyed and bushy tailed in the middle of the night. 36 hours old and mommy was having an extremely hardtime staying awake after being up for 48hrs! Mikie had gone home to spend the night with Trystan and Niccole came to stay with me and Taylee! 

One week old and Big brother absolutely adores his little sister and is very happy to all be back in one house again. Having me and Tyalee in the hospital was really hard on him. He wanted to sleep in the hospital with us. We spent two nights in the hospital and I was begging Dr. Joe to let me go home. 

At 11 days old we did newborn pictures and little missy slept through the whole thing. Trystan was a good sport and was really patient! Megan Lee did a phenomenal job with the pictures! 

 First bath at home
2 weeks old
Three weeks old
She has mastered the scowl and is quite the little chubbo at a month old
Went swimming at 5 weeks old and LOVED it!

6 weeks old 
2 months old
My happy blue eyed girl!
Trystan and Taylee both enjoy morning snuggles in my bed! I love, love, love watching these two together
Poolside at 2 1/2 months we took a trip as a family to the pool before they closed down for the year! We all had a great time and Trystan was so excited to go as a whole family!
This kid is quite the comedian these days! He makes me laugh and smile all day every day! I was putting Taylee to bed and he came in to show me his outfit, he had gone in and put his pajamas on... almost every pair in his drawer... You can't see in the picture but The total count was seven pair of pants:)

At 3 months old Taylee's smile can melt the world and she laughs outloud at her brother. She loves to play Ninjas, and is always interested in what Trystan is doing. She is also CHEWING ON EVERYTHING!

Trystan still prefers to be outside and Loves his sandbox! He has quite an interesting style and I have just learned to let it be! He rarely wears matching shoes or sox, He prefers to wear his shirt backwards and his unders as well. He wears winter hats frequently even though it is well above a hundred degrees outside!
4 months old

Taylee hates Tummy time. She is good for about two seconds and then she sticks the bottom lip out as far as she can and turns on the water works and hollers at me! She might like Tummy time a little more if I put her on her belly more frequently or the floor for that matter! She would probably even be rolling over, but we have been having more frequent visitors (see below picture) again and what can I say, These little suckers terrify me! and in the last month the total count is up to thirteen!
Trystan still loves his baby sister more than anything or anyone else in the world. I love the little bond these two already have! He is very protective of his sister and tells everyone how to take care of her!
Sporting the Joe cools!
Trystan and Mikie went on a weekend trip to Mikie's uncle's place at sunnyside. They had a great time. Trystan got to shoot his 22 for the first time and of course went through a box of shells in a matter of minutes and loved every second. They caught a baby horny toad, played in the hot springs, rode fourwheelers and even got to kick a coyote in the butt, That of all things was the highlight of the weekend for him. 

Daddy even let him drive the truck!
This past weekend we had a big party at my in-laws. They are celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary this year. Trystan was the life of the party! There was a live band and he danced all night. He would go get women out of their seats and lead them onto the "dance floor" to dance with him! The kid has got rhythm and moves! He is such a stud, but we are going to have our hands full with this kid:)

He took grammy out to dance and then left her... He did the same thing to me! 
He even did a little Kareoke with Morgan!!
And yes those are earplugs in his ears because the band that he loved, was a bit to loud! But such a handsome little man he is!
The last 4 months have been a giant whirlwind, but we are enjoying our kiddos! I can;t believe it has been 4 months since Miss Taylee completed our family! We love her so very much! She is such a happy and mellow baby which has been a huge blessing because Trystan is anything but mellow! He is getting so big and has quite the personality! Everything is about Mario and spider man and Bowser castles. He hates to eat, tells us he doesn't love us, Is taking swimming lessons and had a horrible experience with the first class, so now my lover of all things water hates to go to his new swimming class, doesn't like to put his face in the water and refuses to kick! I still could choke the first instructor he had! We like miss Ashley much better but the trauma remains so swimming lessons is still a battle every week right now. Taylee also started swimming lessons this week and I think we will have fun with them. I think my kids are part fish! She loves the water as well. AS for me I am working one day a week at the hospital and it is plenty! I am loving being home with the kids. Mikie has them on Fridays when I am at work and is doing a FANTASTIC job! I am so grateful he is such a hard worker so that I can be home with our little ones!